Friday, February 3, 2012

Good-bye Blogspot. It's been a great almost 5 years. Hello, Wordpress.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I think the Christian community has failed to teach young adults how to truly implement Scirpture in to their lives. They know they are "supposed" to read it, but they don't know why, nor how to, for that matter. They know the classic Bible stories featuring the "heroes of the faith", but they have little idea on how to use what is in the Bible and apply it to their life today. Scripture is timeless; it is as relevant today as it was when it was originally written and then canonized. It speaks to every circumstance under the sun, and it is when we apply the knowledge to our lives, that we truly see power, and therefore, change.

I challenged our C/C to read the Bible, and be able to answer the following questions at the conclusion of the passage. It's not a magic formula to effectiveness in one's life, but it's helpful tool to break down, digest, and implement the passage in to our every day situations.

We started with Nathan's confrontation with King David in II Samuel 12 (just because that's a passage that I've been meditating on for the last few weeks)

What can I learn about God from this?

How can I apply this to my life?

How can I use this to make God known to others?

1) God is Holy and he disciplines those he loves, and He allows consequence in our lives when we are disobedient and sinful. God sends others to us in order to sharpen us, and challenge us, and even convict us. God honors repentance, and He forgives readily. God is faithful to restore our lives and build them back up, after we have humbled ourselves and admitted our weakness. God has plan B for when we mess up plan A.

2) Sometimes, I can be so blinded by my sin, that I don't see it in myself. That's why I need to be open to relationships that convict my life, just like David was open to Nathan. Humility plays a weighty role in the restoration of my life. Once I confess my sin, I don't have to be afraid that God will not forgive me. I don't have to wallow in my consequence or I don't have to continue to punish myself, for I am not condemned. I can rejoice because God is a God of second chances.

3) I would love to share the message of hope that is indicated in this chapter. God has a plan for man. The course seems to go like this: Man fails. God restores. I know many people who could use this message of hope, and unconditional love. I want to help others see that their life is not a loss. God is able to give them grace as they endure their consequences for their actions, and He is able to redeem them, and bring them to a new place of celebration and victory.

It's not enough to READ God's Word...we must LIVE it.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Something short and simple. Parker you asked to go get a drink during evening service, and I obliged. On your way back in to the sanctuary I looked to see you stop just before hold the door for a grown lady to walk through first.

My insides were about to burst. That single act of gentleman like courtesy makes me want to cheer with pride more than when you scored 4 goals last Monday.

I constantly remind you and Kent to hold doors for ladies...I think you've caught on!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

This Wednesday in C/C we talked about the role of an intercessor.

I shared briefly about how my life was blessed because my mom had interceded for me at a time when I was living in rebellion. The spiritual warfare that she waged on my behalf, softened my heart, and I eventually surrendered my life to Christ.

We likened intercession to taking up the sword that others have put down, or aren't strong enough to wield, and we fight for them. Jesus, was the ultimate intercessor. He went to God on my behalf and He fought the enemy on my behalf. I want to do for others, what Jesus has done for me.

We were all challenged to set aside what interests us, and shift our attention to the needs of others. My life was changed because of an intercessor, and we can play that same crucial role in the life of someone else.

Pick up a sword, and fight in prayer for those God lays on your heart.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


you are such a caring soul. You are always looking for ways to make those you love, smile. You are constantly giving us unsolicited hugs and kisses. You bring me things with out asking, "Here's your water Mommy". You are very good at verbalizing how you feel; "I love you" flows freely from your cute little mouth.

I am so proud of your sensitive nature, and I pray that God gives me wisdom on how to nurture that. When you love someone, you LOVE them. You adore them. You are passionate about being with them. And I love that about you.

You knew that PARKER DAY was coming up, and so you spent about 2 hours decorating for your brother's special day. You are kind, compassionate, and thoughtful.

I pray that God matures these qualities in you, and that you use them to advance HIS kingdom, and to be the hands of Jesus extended.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Earlier in the week Kent, you expressed how frustrated you were that I got to decide what you eat for dinner each night. You said, "If I were the boss, I would eat corn dogs." It started me thinking about how truly, as a child, you do not get to have a lot of control over you life. I tell you when to get up, when to go to bed, what to wear, where you are going, etc, etc. I can tell that you want to be able to make some choices on your own. So, we instituted KENT DAY. You were given the freedom to chose what we ate, and what activities we did on Saturday afternoon.

You were so excited in the days leading up to KENT DAY that you decorated the kitchen table with streamers.

Finally, the day arrived. You, of course, chose corn dogs for dinner, and here is a photo journey indicating what activities you chose for our family to do.

Club Penguin Wii: This is your favorite Wii game, and you were delighted to share you favorite game with your favorite people.

Guns: We played guns. Well, you and Parker and Daddy played "guns", and since I don't really know how to do that, I just cheered you on as you preformed all kinds of shooting stunts.

Mario Memory: This game was intense..that's what happens when you have 4 very competitive people :)

Art Projects: We made a Sponge Bob key chain that was part of a kit. We each created one strand. I used up all the pink and purple beads on my strand, so you wouldn't have to. Then, you boys used all the big pieces, and left the small ones for Daddy. :)

Bouncy Balls: We made these balls from a kit that Santa brought you. You LOVED these, and continually bounced them off the walls downstairs...which chipped paint off the walls...which resulted in a reprimand..but, hey, let's focus on positives.

We had such a fabulous time at KENT DAY, and PARKER DAY is soon to come.

I love you Kenters, and when you were given the freedom to make some choices, you did a fantastic job!

Monday, January 16, 2012


You had one of the best soccer games of your life. Your team lost, but hey, you guys have yet to win a game, so we've learned to focus on the positives. You scored 4 goals, and believe it or not, your record is 6 goals in a game, but today was special because of HOW you played. You were so aggressive, proactive, and INTENSE. Your footwork was unbelievable, and I literally sat there in complete awe of some of the stunts you were pulling on the field. You passed perfectly a few times, you stole the ball from the other team on several occassions, and you used both your left foot and right foot to score the goals.

I heard your coach on the sidelines during a huddle after the 1st quarter, "Guys, look at how Parker is playing, and play like that!"

Then during half-time, I heard him say, "Parker, do you have an "S" under that shirt, because you are playing like Superman!" And boy, oh boy, did you eat that up.

Then after the game, we were bombarded by parents wanting to congratulate you for your efforts. Your coach said, "Parker was phenominal...playing both sides of field, passing, crossing over..." and he went on and on.

I wish wish wish wish wish that Grandpa Gaspare was alive to see the intensity and passion in which you play. The best part of watching you, is the smile that lights up your face after you score.

I don't know what your future holds, or if you will continue to love to play this game, but for now, you are enjoying your time in soccer, and I LOVE watching you play your best each and every game.

Go #11!!!!