Thursday, January 19, 2012

This Wednesday in C/C we talked about the role of an intercessor.

I shared briefly about how my life was blessed because my mom had interceded for me at a time when I was living in rebellion. The spiritual warfare that she waged on my behalf, softened my heart, and I eventually surrendered my life to Christ.

We likened intercession to taking up the sword that others have put down, or aren't strong enough to wield, and we fight for them. Jesus, was the ultimate intercessor. He went to God on my behalf and He fought the enemy on my behalf. I want to do for others, what Jesus has done for me.

We were all challenged to set aside what interests us, and shift our attention to the needs of others. My life was changed because of an intercessor, and we can play that same crucial role in the life of someone else.

Pick up a sword, and fight in prayer for those God lays on your heart.

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