Wednesday, January 18, 2012


you are such a caring soul. You are always looking for ways to make those you love, smile. You are constantly giving us unsolicited hugs and kisses. You bring me things with out asking, "Here's your water Mommy". You are very good at verbalizing how you feel; "I love you" flows freely from your cute little mouth.

I am so proud of your sensitive nature, and I pray that God gives me wisdom on how to nurture that. When you love someone, you LOVE them. You adore them. You are passionate about being with them. And I love that about you.

You knew that PARKER DAY was coming up, and so you spent about 2 hours decorating for your brother's special day. You are kind, compassionate, and thoughtful.

I pray that God matures these qualities in you, and that you use them to advance HIS kingdom, and to be the hands of Jesus extended.

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