Monday, January 16, 2012


You had one of the best soccer games of your life. Your team lost, but hey, you guys have yet to win a game, so we've learned to focus on the positives. You scored 4 goals, and believe it or not, your record is 6 goals in a game, but today was special because of HOW you played. You were so aggressive, proactive, and INTENSE. Your footwork was unbelievable, and I literally sat there in complete awe of some of the stunts you were pulling on the field. You passed perfectly a few times, you stole the ball from the other team on several occassions, and you used both your left foot and right foot to score the goals.

I heard your coach on the sidelines during a huddle after the 1st quarter, "Guys, look at how Parker is playing, and play like that!"

Then during half-time, I heard him say, "Parker, do you have an "S" under that shirt, because you are playing like Superman!" And boy, oh boy, did you eat that up.

Then after the game, we were bombarded by parents wanting to congratulate you for your efforts. Your coach said, "Parker was phenominal...playing both sides of field, passing, crossing over..." and he went on and on.

I wish wish wish wish wish that Grandpa Gaspare was alive to see the intensity and passion in which you play. The best part of watching you, is the smile that lights up your face after you score.

I don't know what your future holds, or if you will continue to love to play this game, but for now, you are enjoying your time in soccer, and I LOVE watching you play your best each and every game.

Go #11!!!!

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