Friday, January 13, 2012

AHHH.. Kenters, last week I asked if you were ready for a hair cut, and you immediately declared, "No way!".

Then, yesterday out of the blue, you said, "Mom, I want to cut my hair now."

I asked what you were thinking of doing, hypothesizing that you just wanted to trim your bangs, but you surprised me and said, "I want a mohawk".

Now that is just not gonna happen, but I don't want to squash your creativity and individuality, so we compromised on a faux-hawk.



The first words out of your mouth were, "Good! Now people will stop calling me Justin Beaver (Bieber)."

I think it makes you look younger, and I also think it shows how strong the resemblance is between you and your older brother. Not gonna lie...I got a little choked up. I love your hair long, and I'm sad to see it go. But, I do want you to be able to have some input in to how your express and present yourself. And let's just be honest....your face is absolutely adorable, so you could pull off any hair my unbiased opinion as your mother. :) haha.

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