Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You boys are sick. Kent you have the croup, and a 102 degree fever. Parker, you are coughing too, so the Dr. has ordered some rest and some medicine.

Oh. My. Word. This medicine that aids in opening up your air passages so you can hack out all the phlegm (mm...tasty), also makes you bounce-off-the-walls hyper.

I had the two of you home from school today, and you were wound up to the point where I wanted to pull my own hair out. You are supposed to be resting, but this medicine makes your want to run around the house, play kickball in the basement, wrestle for hours, jump on couches, and talk non-stop.

I like when a child is home from school sick, and all they want to do is sleep, watch TV, and cuddle. I think if you are well enough to be crazy, you're well enough to go to school..unfortunately you are still germ factories, so we have to keep you in another day.

Lord help us all.

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