Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kenters you are helping Daddy put up the lights. I had to leave in the middle of our tree trimming in order to buy more lights at Ace. There are about 1,000 lights on that 8 foot tree! Good thing Daddy had a helper!

This is our candy cane we hang on the tree each year. It's the last ornament we put on, and we take time to talk about the red blood that Jesus shed on the cross, and the white represents the purity of hearts after Jesus forgave our sins.

You two are certainly enjoying yourselves while rearranging the nativity scene. You were cracking yourselves up telling different versions of the Christmas Story...for example, "What if the Donkey laid in the manger instead of Jesus...."


I love this one of you two in your Santa hats decorating the tree. You are both so purposeful in where you place each ornament...I tried my best not to move any decor...even if one was too close to the other...okay wait, I did move one. Daddy has a hot dog ornament from 1990, and you boys placed it right smack in the front of the tree...which I promptly moved to a very prominent place in the BACK of the tree.

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