Friday, December 2, 2011


I've mentioned on here before that you love love love your Bible. You've misplaced your little orange New Testament, and have dutifully replaced it with my pocket sized black one. You will sit and flip through it pretending to read it, you'll sleep with it, you take it along for car rides regardless of where we are going, you've brought it to Parker's soccer games and sat on the sidelines thumbing through it...

Last night we were on our way to Pizza Hut to celebrate you making your musical debut in the Christmas Program at your school, and you had my Bible tucked under your arm. Parker noticed and asked, "Kent, why do you always have the Bible with you? We are going to Pizza Hut, not church."

Without missing a beat you responded, "Because God lives in there! And He lives in my heart."

You have asked me before why you cannot see God, and now I am wondering if you want to be reassured of His presence, and that's why you carry your Bible with you all the time. In the next few days I am going to talk to you about the Holy Spirit, and the role He plays in our lives. He is the presence and promise of God, and He abides in you.

Regardless of the fact that we need to iron out your theology a bit, I love your love for God's Word...

Also, in I cannot include all of these wonderful things about your attachment to the Good Book, without also included a funny story as well...

Daddy walked in on you and you were thumbing through the Bible in bed and pretending to read, "And Jesus said that we should eat elephants...hahahahahahaha". Always a jester you are.

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