Friday, October 7, 2011

We were playing the "A my name is..." game in the car on the way to Life Group, and Kent you got the letter "K", and here is what you sang...

"K my name is Kent, my wife's name is Kite, we come from Killinois, and our ship we carry karateboxers."

You are so funny child! With a wife named "Kite" and living in a place called "Killinois", you must have quite a life!

And for the record..what in the world are "Karateboxers?"


Parker, you were asking me a bunch of questions about babies tonight.

"Where do they come out from?"

"A special place in moms."

"But where?"

"It's a private place."

"Oh, you mean like their chests?"

"Not quite. Boy and girls have different parts, and girl's parts are made so babies can come out of them."

"WHAT?!?!? Boy and girls have different parts?"

Oh dear...I'm thinking it might be time for a little chat. I don't know how much information to give you at this age...I don't mind you knowing where babies come from...I'm just not ready for you to know how that got there!

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