Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hollywood Studios Itinerary or schedule or Touring Plan with Children

Hollywood Studios

*We went on a day that was supposed to be a a crowd level of 5.2 out of 10. I would classify it as a 7 out of 10. It was a bit more congested than I anticipated. We arrived at 8:30, which is 30 minutes earlier than the park opens, but truthfully, not early enough. By the time we reached our first ride the line was already considerably long. In hindsight, I would have liked to arrive a full hour before opening. We ate breakfast at the condo, brought a sack lunch, and we left the park by 6:15, so we were able to eat dinner at the condo to save even more $.

*Here is the itinerary we followed, and the reactions of the kids and adults to each attraction. The "A" stands for the adult's response and the "C" stands for the child's response." I used a 5 star scale, with 5 being the highest rate given.

1)Toy Story Mania
-there was a mad dash for this attraction when the park first opened. The line to obtain a fast pass was probably 20 minutes, while the line to actually ride the attraction was about 25 minutes. We opted to just hop in the "ride" line. Everyone in our party LOVED this ride. When we walked by at another part in the day, the line was 80 minutes long, so it was smart to get this one out of the way first.
A***** C*****

2)Tower of Terror
-the wait was about 20 minutes. My husband and I loved this ride, however, it seriously scared our kids. The rest of the trip our threat to them for bad behavior was, "If you don't stop we are going back to Hollywood Studios and we'll make you ride Tower of Terror again." A***** C

3) The Great Movie Ride-
There was about a 15 minute wait for this ride, but screens playing scenes from well known movies entertained us all. My husband and I thought this was mildly entertaining, the kids agreed. A** C**

4) Star Tours-
the wait was less than 20 minutes. I skipped out on this ride due to potential motion sickness, but my husband and two children LOVED it. This was among one of their favorite rides of the entire trip. A***** C*****

5) Jedi Training
-this short "show" uses 14 guests ranging from the ages of 6-14. You have to sign up to participate at the beginning of the day, and because we weren't first in line we assumed all the spots were already taken. Even though we didn't have children involved, it was still entertaining to watch. My boys loved watching the other children "train", and face Darth Vader. This was again, among one of their favorite "attractions." A***** C*****

6) Muppet Vision 3D-
There was a 10 minute wait for this attraction. My children enjoyed this movie, and it was entertaining for the adults as well. I think if my children were familiar with the characters, they would have liked it even more.
A**** C****

7) Studio Backlot
Tour-My husband thought it was interesting, but the other 3 of us continued to use the "this is boring" phrase. I'd say "skip it".
A** C

8) Little Mermaid
-we waited about 10 minutes for this attraction. I thoroughly enjoyed this, and even though it involved a "princess", my husband and two children enjoyed it. One of my boys said, "I actually liked that mom!".
A**** C***

9) Playhouse Disney Show-
we waited about 15 minutes for this attraction. I thought it was going to be too elementary for my 5 year old and 7 year old, but they both were really in to it, and they ended up loving every minute of the show. It featured characters from The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, Little Einsteins, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. A** C*****

10) Lights, Motor, Action Stunt Show
-we sat down and had to wait about 10 minutes for this show to begin. This 45 minute show was among one of our favorites. It kept the interest of both of my children, although I thought it was getting a bit long towards the end. A***** C*****

11) Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playset
-the crowd was not too bad, and my boys thoroughly enjoyed this play area, so much so, that they did not want to leave. We spent about 25 minutes there. A** C*****

12) Indian Jones Show
-We walked in just as the show was starting, and got great seats off to the left side. We all enjoyed this show, and are glad we squeezed it in at the end of our day. A**** C****

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