Sunday, October 16, 2011

Magic Kingdom Itinerary or Schedule or Touring Plan with Children (Budget Friendly)

Magic Kingdom

We attended on a day that was projected to be a 4.2 out of 10, but I would classify it as a 10 out of 10. The day before our visit the park closed at 7pm for Mickey's Not-so-scary Halloween Party, and the day after our visit it closed at 7 pm for the same thing. So everyone decided to go on the day we were there because the park was open later than usual. We at breakfast at the condo, brought a sack lunch, and ate dinner at the park. This was my 4th time at Magic Kingdom in 12 years, and this was THE most crowded I have ever seen it. At times it was literally impossible to maneuver our stroller through the mass of people. The intense crowd was almost enough to ruin our day. Good thing we had an itinerary that helped us stay ahead of the crowds. We did not wait more than 25 minutes for an attraction; but I did wait in line for close to 30 minutes just to order our hot dog dinner. We arrived at 8:15 and the park opened at 9. This was enough time to put us up fairly close to the front. Here is the itinerary we followed and the reactions from the two adults and 2 children (5 year old boy and 7 year old boy) to the attractions.

1) Buzz Lightyear-we literally walked right on this ride, and rode it 2x in a row without waiting at all. We could have rode it a 3rd time, but I was afraid it would throw us too far off schedule. Although we enjoyed this ride, my husband and I didn't think that the shooting mechanisms were as accurate as the Toy Story ride at Hollywood Studios, nevertheless, we all enjoyed it. My kids would have rode this ride all day if we would have let them. We walked past this ride at other points in the day and the wait was up to 60 minutes. A**** C*****

2) Peter Pan
-we had to cross the park from Tomorrowland to Fantasyland, but that's what the scheduled called for, so we followed it. We walked right on to Peter Pan, and we all enjoyed it. I was surprised at how much my children loved this ride. Again, later in the day this ride had up to a 60 minute wait. A**** C*****

3) Small World-
we walked right on to this ride, and I forced my kids to ride due to it being a "classic". They were underwhelmed. A*** C**

4) Mickey's Philar Magic
-We waited about 10 minutes for the start of the show. My husband and I felt like this movie was a bit dated, and the screen was showing the wear and tear of it being so old. But, my kids did enjoy it thoroughly. A** C****

5) Splash Mountain
-We were supposed to use our FP on this ride, but I lost our tickets somewhere during our morning rush near Fantasyland, so we went ahead and waited the 25 minutes for this ride. The whole family loved it, and the kids begged to ride again. A*** C*****

6) Big Thunder Mountain
-again, we could not use a FP on this ride due to our missing tickets, so we waited close to 30 minutes for this ride. But it was worth it for the kids, becuase this ended up being their all time favorite ride of the trip. A*** C*****

7) Pirates of the Carribean
-we waited close to 30 minutes for this ride. I wasn't very impressed, but the kids loved it, and wanted we ended up buying plastic pirate swords at the shop near the exit of the ride for $4.95. A*** C****

8) Aladdin's Magic Carpets
-at the advice of a blogger I read, she suggested that we ride the Magic Carpets instead of the Dumbo ride-they are essentially the same attraction, and the Carpets have less of a waiting time. We ended up waiting about 25 minutes for this ride, but again, the kids loved it. A** C*****

9) Afternoon Parade
-The 5 year old slept through this, but the 7 year old was very engaged. A*** C*****

10) Town Hall to meet Mickey Mouse
-we waited about 25 minutes to meet Mickey. It was worth every minute. A***** C*****

11) Monster's Inc
-we waited about 10 minutes for this show. We all enjoyed the show, and I found myself laughing out loud on several occassions. A***** C*****

12) Jungle Cruise
-We used a FP (I ended up getting replacement tickets), and I'm glad we did. I didn't think this ride was worth the 60 minute wait, but using the FP, we just walked right on. A*** C***

13) Tom Sawyer Island-The kids loved it, and were talking very passionately about it when it was over. A*** C*****

14) Haunted Mansion
-We were all underwhelmed. A** C**.

15) Dinner at Casey's Corner
-I waited for close to 30 minutes just to order our food. We ordered 3 hotdogs, 2 french fries, and 1 cost $28...and it wasn't worth that price at all.

16) Electrical Parade
-it was too crowded to even see the parade. People began lining up over an hour in advance. We were eating dinner and were late in finding a spot. We tried hoisting the boys up on our shoulders, but it really dampened the experience for us. The 2 hours of the Electrical Parade, Lightshow, and Fireworks were literally some of the worst 2 hours of our life. It was the single worst experience I have ever had at Disney. Way too many people crammed in to one place. We couldn't leave even if we wanted to. There was no magic memories made during this time...only nightmares that will haunt me for years to come!

17) Lightshow on Castle
-this occurred almost immediately after the Electrical Parade, and again our spot was terrible.

18) Fireworks
-this occurred almost immediately after the lightshow, and again our spot was terrible. Apparently, you need to find your viewing spot by 7 pm in order for the 8 pm night titme festivities.

19) Buzz Lightyear
-as soon as the fireworks were over, we made our way back to Tomorrowland to ride this favorite one last time. I sat this one out because I wasn't feel well, but my husband and children walked right on again, and got one last chance to ride one of their favorites before we left. This marked the 3rd time today they rode this.

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