Sunday, October 16, 2011

EPCOT Itinerary or schedule or touring plan with Children


We attended Epcot on a day where the crowd was projected to be a 4.1 out of 10, and I say this was fairly accurate. We arrived at 8:15 and the park opened at 9 am, and we were about the 5th party in line. We ate breakfast at the condo, brought our lunch, and were scheduled to leave early enough to eat dinner at the condo. This is the day where I developed kidney stones and had to leave the park via ambulance, but even though we only made it through 1/2 the countries, this continues to be my personal favorite park. Here is our itinerary and reactions to the attractions.

1) Soarin-we waited about 5 minutes for this attraction, and it was a family favorite. We all wanted to ride it again, but stuck to the schedule instead. We planned on riding it using our FP on our way out of the park, but due to my health issues, we didn't make it back for a second turn. I was shocked at how much my 5 year old enjoyed this ride. A***** C*****

2) Test Track-we waited for 15 minutes (it would have been less, but they were experiencing technical difficulties). This was another family favorite. A***** C*****

3) Land of the Living-I can't say this enough...SKIP snoozefest. I cannot think of one single redeeming quality about this "attraction". My kids were begging for it to end.

4) Under the Seas with Nemo-
we waited 5 minutes for this ride. My husband and I were not impressed at all, but the children enjoyed it. A** C****

5) Turtle Talk with Crush
-we waited about 10 minutes, but do not miss this! This interactive show had the whole family laughing. A***** C*****

6) Spaceship Earth-we waited about 10 minutes to go in to the "golf ball". It was informative and the lights and sights were enough to keep the attention of the children. A*** C***

7) Character Spot Meet and Greet-
We waited over 30 minutes to meet the characters and get pictures and autographs. But, it's a must, and we will have those memories forever. A***** C*****

8) Mexico-the boys enjoyed putting on and taking pictures with the Sombreros in the shop. This is where they first received their stick that was going to be stamped at each country as proof of their "visit". A*** C***

9) Norway-the boys enjoyed the ride on the Maelstrom and picture with the troll in the shop. A**** C****

10) China
-the boys really liked getting their names written in Chinese on their passport stick, and I found training choptsticks with their correlating symbols for $1.50 each (too bad I lost that bag at the climax of my kidney stone chaos), but I thought that was an inexpensive token. A**** C****

11) Germany
-don't remember much about this stop unfortunately.

12) Italy
-There was a street performer juggling soccer balls and such, and they boys were enthralled. This is where it all went downhill for me though in regards to the kidney stones. The paramedics came and took me out via stretcher, and Erik and the boys left Epcot immediately to meet me at the sadly this was our last country we visited..but, we enjoyed what we saw. A**** C*****

We missed Japan, Morocco, France, UK, and Canada. Oh well. Next time we go, we will travel Epcot counter-clockwise so we hit those countries first!

I was skeptical to see how the boys would react to Epcot, but they surprised me and really seemed to enjoy it. Now, don't get me wrong, while we were touring the countries they kept asking to go back to Soarin and Test Track, but all in all they enjoyed their exposure to different cultures.

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