Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We are busy bees. Soccer is starting in full swing here in a week or two...Parker you are on a select team called GlenEd Thunder, as well as a Bethalto park district team called the Celtics. Kent, you will be playing for Bethalto as well, although we are still waiting to see what your team name is going to be.

I grew up playing softball, but I gotta tell ya, soccer can be extremely exciting too! I love watching you two play, because your personalities come out in full force.

I also started volunteering in both of your classrooms on Tuesdays. I got to Parker's room first and assist the teacher with Centers, and then Kent, I come to your class to help with computers. I love seeing you in you school environments, and you both love when I come in (at least that's what you tell me).

We've got so much planned for the month of September..we are literally packed! Then in October, we are surprising you with a trip to Disney World. We have been very blessed by various family members, so that our only expense will be a few meals, and our gas for the trip down there (yes-we're driving..I know, we're nuts.) We aren't going to tell you that we are going until the day of, and I already have a scavenger hunt with clues mapped out for you both in order to decode the message that "WE are going to Disney World!". I've been secretly planning, and I've had to hide all of my materials from you. I can't wait to tell you, I can't wait for your reaction, and I can't wait to GO!

Love you's to a fun filled September, and an exciting October!

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