Saturday, September 10, 2011


Last night at dinner we were talking about who Mommy and Daddy liked when we were in elementary school, Jr. high, and High school, and college. We turned the conversation towards the two of you and who you liked.

Parker, you were talking about a girl named "M" in your class who you think is NICE, but not you have made clear.

You said that three boys in your class like M, and they also try to talk to her. Last week, your teacher moved your seats around and you now sit next to M. I said, "Well, you are the cutest 2nd grader in the whole entire universe, so I'm sure M likes sitting next to you." You just got all embarrassed and flustered about the situation.

Kenters, you were listening in on our conversation and you interjected,

"Well, I'm really cute, but no girls chase me on the playground."

And you seemed a bit annoyed about that. So I told you to just go up to the girls and say, "Wanna chase me?" Since you're not dating until you're 25 we've got a few years to develop your game.


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