Monday, September 19, 2011


I put you to bed early yesterday because you had a long and full weekend, but an hour later you were still awake. Daddy came in to check on you when he got home from church, and he found you working on something. You were writing a song, and here it is. Now, how am I supposed to get angry at you when you are up writing songs about God?

I laughed til I cried when I read this...but because it's so cute and heart warming. I'm glad you recognize the distinction between good and evil, and I'm overjoyed that you know that God is good and that He is worthy to be served.

Song: God is God!

He is God
He is God.
He is from heaven
and his name is God, God, God.
he saves you
but he doesn't help satan.
yeah. yeah. yeah.
He helps all around the world
but not satan.
You're right. You're right.
never believe in satan.
Just believe in God, God God, God, God.
Because he is the best.

Song: by Parker Scottberg
To: My family
Made by: Parker Scottberg

*I think it's important (and hilariously funny) to note that in all of the "a's" in "satan" you put sad faces. Also, you asked if Daddy could use his guitar to make music for this song. Keep up the good work!

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