Sunday, September 18, 2011

(this pic has nothing to do with the post, but I forgot to put it on here's Parker leading Kent off the bus on the first day of school..holding his hand like a good big brother)


today I showered you with love and attention.

First, you sat with me and watched your favorite show, "Wipeout". During the course of the show I taught you how to flick with your thumb and pointer finger and smell your own know, all things little boys should know.

During dinner you were eating your standard favorite, a hot dog with no bun and extra ketchup, and you asked, "Mom, do hot-dogs really come from dogs?" When I told you they come from pigs, it just seemed to confuse you, so we agreed to settle that hot-dogs come from stores.

Lastly, we were doing homework for school tomorrow, and I could tell you were getting very frustrated with the time consuming project, and your interest was rapidly declining. I think in the past I would have made you sit there and suffer through the ordeal, but instead I suggested that you take a break and go play, and then return in 10 minutes to complete the project. It surprisingly worked like a charm. Little by little I am learning how to manage your personality, and how to set you up for success. Moms have a learning curve too, and I'm thankful that you are patient with me as I try to figure out how best to teach you.

I love you my blonde, shaggy haired munchkin.

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