Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Mrs. Scottberg, this is Principal Hanniford from East."

"Um...yes, how can I help you"? My voice cracking a bit.

"Well, I'm calling to tell you that last week Kent got turned in to the office...."

Heart beating
Palms sweating
Knees shaking

".....for being good. His teacher wanted to award him for being kind and for behaving so well."


I am so proud of you Kenters. Not gonna lie; we had a rough summer with behavior and choice making, so I am overjoyed to see how well you are behaving.

I initially was hesitant to send you to school this year, because you are a young 5 year old and I wasn't sure you ready. But when it came down to it, I decided to send you, after much prayer and conversing with Daddy. It is apparent that you are more than ready to learn and interact. You have surpassed any expectation that I've had for you, and I am soooo glad.

We are in the process of thinking of what reward you should get. We've gotta celebrate!

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