Sunday, August 21, 2011


Such a sweet heart you have. And your conscience is as heavy as a 2 ton whale. Yesterday you came off the bus, and I could tell by your face that something was on that sharp little mind of yours. While Kent was jumping and declaring that he got a green card for behavior, you kept uncharacteristically quiet.

"Mom", you whispered, "I have to talk to you about something in my room."

So we walked in the house, got Kent settled, and then you and I went for a pow wow in your room.

"Here", you said as you handed me your behavior folder. But as soon as you spoke, tears flooded those big blue eyes of yours.

You revealed a card that was colored green, but said "Warning" in the bottom corner.

"What is this?" I asked.

"Well, I got a green for good behavior, but Mrs. Wiemers gave me a warning because I couldn't keep my hands to myself in the assembly today." Mind you, this sentence took 30 years to come out because you could barely catch your breath through your sobs.

"What happened"? I asked as I held you on my lap.

"Me and my friends were just being too silly."

"Well, thank you for being honest with me. But, it's the beginning of school, and you are still trying to remember all of the rules." I felt like I had to help you see that the world wasn't over because you got reprimanded.

I tried changing the subject to lighten your mood, "Parker, how was recess and kickball today?"

"I didn't play. I sat at the picnic table the whole recess because I was so sad that I got in trouble."

"Were you scared that I was going to yell at you? Were you scared Mrs. Wiemers was going to be mad at you?"

"No. I was just so sad with myself."


"Parker, we all make mistakes. We don't expect you to be perfect. Plus what matters most is what we do after we've received a correction. Did you listen and stop, or did you disobey and continue? I am so proud of you that you were honest with me, and I'm sure Mrs. Wiemers knows that you are a good boy who is still remembering the rules. If you still really feel bad about it, you can write Mrs. Wiemers a letter and tell her that you are sorry, and that you will remember now to keep your hands to yourself."

Parker, Parker, Parker...I think you were so disappointed that your teacher expressed disappointment in you.

I will pray for a continued sense of conviction in your heart that comes from the Holy Spirit, but I will also pray that you would not feel condemnation, because that is not from the Lord. You've expressed your sorrow, you've asked for forgiveness, and now I pray you'll experience the freedom that comes with being Christ's child.

Love you little man. I am so thankful that you have a contrite heart! I pray that you continue this trend of tattling on makes my job a little easier!

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