Monday, August 22, 2011

You boys are really in to Beyblade toys lately. Some of your friends have brought them to our house for playdates, and now you HAVE to have them to survive.

Parker, you had $9 in your spending jar, and that's just enough to buy a Beylade. We also saw that Toys R Us is having a "buy one get one free" sale on Beyblades. You were ecstatic that you were going to get TWO of them for $9. All last night in church you were fidgeting, and when I asked you why you couldn't sit still, you said, "Because I can't stop thinking about that Beylade. All I can think about is Beyblades." Then when we were having dessert, you were staring off in to space, and you again reiterated your new obsession, "Mom, I am not going to be able to go to sleep, because all I want to do is dream about Beyblades."

The first words out of your mouth this morning, "How many more hours until I get home from school and get my Beyblade?"

So, we hatched a plan. I was going to pick you up at your bustop this afternoon, and take you straight out to Toys R Us in Fairview Heights to purchase your new toy. But, this morning you said, "Mom, can you go while I'm in school? I just can't wait for that Beyblade a second longer." Then you added, "Oh, and you don't have to buy Kent one with his money, because if I get one for free, I'll just give it to him." Aweee...

I have no idea what Beyblades are, but I do know that I will be hunting for one today, and I must buy you the one named "Pegasus", per your orders.

Sometimes I wish I had girls, and you longed for ponies and princesses, instead of a toy named "Pegasus." :)

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