Tuesday, August 30, 2011

230 of 365

230 of 365 by erikscottberg
230 of 365, a photo by erikscottberg on Flickr.

Most nights Daddy comes in your room and reads a book. Last year he read "The Hobbit" to you, and now you are working your way through "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe". After you are all tucked in your beds, you turn on the closet light and Daddy gets out his flashlight and begins reading. I love eavesdropping at the end of the hallway while Daddy uses different voices to portray characters, and while the two of you ask question after question. You are blessed to have Daddy as such a positive influence in your life. You need to identify with your dad, and to see what a godly man is supposed to look like. You two can be very attached to me, so it's healthy when I step back in order for you foster your relationship with your dad. Not gonna lie..I can be a bit controlling, and it's hard for me to be part of an activity without wanting to run it, so it's good that I sit out during this time. It's male bonding time. You three go in to world of make-believe, wars, fantasy, and fiction, and I'm happy to see my three men interacting and enjoying one another's company.

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