Tuesday, July 19, 2011


It's been crazy here...and we won't slow down until the week before school starts.

I was talking to a friend yesterday about how scary parenting is..we feel so responsible for your walk with the Lord. What if I don't teach you enough about how to read the Bible? What if I don't teach you enough about how to worship? What if I don't teach you enough about prayer, devotions, tithing, about acts of service, about baptism, about communion, about evangelizing, about holiness....etc, etc.

When I think of all the "spiritual" things I want to impart to you, the list seems daunting. But then I was reminded that really, my main responsibility is to show you the LOVE of Christ. The rest will come by the grace of the Holy Spirit. I can plant the seed, and I can do my best to water the seed, but the Lord grows the seed. That is my prayer..that HE brings you to maturity and growth in your faith. I will do my best to be an accurate representation of Christ to you, and to have an authentic faith, and the rest, I gladly hand over to HIM.

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