Monday, June 6, 2011

(you made volcanoes with Mimi last week when we were there)

I cannot believe we are in the second week of June already. I feel like the month of May was stolen from us. Well, we are in to a summer routine already. I'm not sure if I've made you boys this way, or if you were made this way naturally, but you both operate better on schedules. I've therefore, made a summer schedule, and have posted it on the fridge. You both check the schedule several times a day in order to see what you should be doing. Mainly, this helps me as I work from home, and you two are here with me.

I also have developed a summer chore chart, a summer homework program, and summer reading incentive. I think I'm going to half to re-do the reading program though. I have offered you 50 cents a have to read a book, I will ask you five questions about the book (to know that you are reading to comprehend), and for every question you get right, you get 10 cents (with the possibility of 50 cents a book). Parker, you said, "Mom, I am going to read 200 books, and then you'll have to give me $100." This is a totally doable goal for you too, seeing as how you read over 600 books this school year. YIKES! So, Parker, you are only allowed to read chapter books with a minimum of 8 chapters. There, that should help me out a bit so I don't go broke!

Kent, our goal for you this summer is to learn how to handle emotions properly by using your words. We also are concentrating greatly on holding your pencil correctly...this our biggest battle as Mother and Son. We'll through it, and you will be victorious.....with a lot of candy bribery.

One funny story...We were all in our bathing suits as we were getting ready to spend some time outside (you two on the slip n slide, me on the deck trying to tan) Parker you were facing me and said in your most disgusted tone, "Ewe, Mom, what happened to your belly button? It does NOT look right." I simply grabbed you by both cheeks, looked straight in to your eyes, and said, "YOU happened to my belly button."

I have to teach you not to talk to a lady like that...especially if you are going to start the sentence with "Ewe.".

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