Monday, June 27, 2011

It was so great to see Pop Pop today. When we arrived in town we went straight to the rehab hospital. Kent, you walked right over to Mimi for kisses and squeezes, and Parker, you surprisingly were a little more reserved. You didn't want to leave my side. I think seeing Pop Pop in this condition takes a toll on you. You didn't stay long. He is on a floor dedicated to people who are struggling with brain injuries, so it's necessary to be very quiet on the floor. Kent, you did entertain Pop Pop for a few minutes as you showed off all of your sweet Karate skills. Quiet and boys don't mix so Auntie J came and picked you two up and took you to dinner. But, before you left you each gave Pop Pop a kiss, and Parker you covered Pop Pop's feet with a blanket as you saw his left foot was sticking out. It was such a sweet sweet gesture and it melted the hearts of everyone in the room.

Tomorrow we are going with Auntie J to the Cubs game and we are all excited. Auntie J asked you both what you were feeling about the game.

"Parker, what are you most looking forward to tomorrow?"

"I don't know. All of it! I want to hear the bat hit the ball and I just want the Cubs to win so we can cheer."

"Kent, what are you most looking forward to?"

" they have ice cream there?"

And then when I went to kiss you both goodnight, Kent you said (as you were jumping on the bed) "I am so excited for the Cubs and a hot dog!!!"

It's ALWAYS about food for you Kenters. It is so humorous.

I'll post tomorrow after the game...

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