Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pastor preached an awesome message today, and I hope it is one that you'll implant in your hearts. Sometimes we will face trials in our lives...there is not need to expound on that thought. We live in a fallen world, so difficulty is inevitable. What Pastor reminded us today is that there are times when God lifts us up and out of the darkness, and moves us to an oasis, or a place of rest. While the children of Israel were wandering in the wilderness in Exodus, the Lord provided a place where there were 12 streams of living water, and tress that offered fruit, protection, and shade. After they walked through the fire and desert, the Lord refreshed them. It is vital to remember this concept for when you are in the valleys...the Lord will act, He will rescue you, and you can continue to fight the good fight, because you know an oasis is near.

We've seen this in our own lives. We went through a very difficult year and a half not to long ago, and I often questioned why God would subject us to such dire circumstances. I felt worn out, desolate, and exhausted in every area of my life. But, God was true to his Word, and he lifted us out of that pit and brought us to a place of refreshing. I am so thankful that God doesn't forget us, he doesn't fail us, he doesn't forsake us...He works FOR us. He remained faithful to us. He used the trying journey to refine us and to make us more dependent on Him, but in the end He rewarded us because we are His children. He hovered over us throughout the ordeal, and blessed us beyond what we could have imagined.

I am so thankful that the Holy Spirit hovers over me...on mountain tops, and in valleys. I am so thankful that when the battle is over, He brings us to an oasis to be refreshed, healed, and rejuvenated so that we can continue on our life's journey and fulfilling the purpose He has ordained for each of us.

I can't say loud enough or often enough....God has been, God is, and God will continue to be good to us.

Don't lose hope in your wilderness, for God is going to lead you to an oasis. He did it for Israel, and He'll do it for you.

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