Thursday, June 30, 2011


you and I had a nice little evening out tonight. After your baseball game we had to drive to Edwardsville to pay your soccer fee and to try on your uniform. Your coach gave you a homework assignment to come to your first practice with three ideas of team names that represent something in nature (tornadoes, thunder, etc). After we made a quick stop at the grocery store we made the drive home and you were such a chatter box. First we tried to come up with some team names. I volunteered the name "The Avalanche", or "Comets", or "Astros." You came up with "The Winds","Outerspacers", and "Planets". Then we somehow got on to the subject of kickball, and you talked a mile a minute about the game you play during recess. I have no idea what you were saying, because you were speed talking. Apparently kickball is a passion of yours.

I looked back to you for a second to see your face as you excitedly explained your offensive strategy, and wouldn't you know, I rear ended someone. The driver pulled over, and I followed. We both got out of the car and met on the shoulder of the road. Lucky for me, it was a car full of teenage boys. They didn't even ask for my name, number, or insurance. They quickly checked their bumper and then sped away. PHEW!!! No damage done.

So, I was so in to you that I got in an accident. Then all you wanted to talk about was the police, and if they were going to come and get me.

I love you and I love spending time with you. I am trying to be really conscious of giving an opportunity for conversation to take place. Instead of the radio in the car, I am really trying to have our interaction be our entertainment.

Momma loves. Momma loves.

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