Tuesday, May 3, 2011


you want money. And you have quickly figured out that the best way to get money is to work for it. This prompted you to ask me if you could do chores in order to get some cold hard cash. I'm not sure what you are hoping to buy, but regardless, I'm happy that you see that work is necessary. So, I researched a bit last night, and have now come up with a list of chores that you will be responsible for. If you complete the required list, you will be paid $3 a week. Also, each week I will present you with an opportunity for "over-time", which will be an extra odd job that will result in a little more money.

Here are you required daily chores: make your bed, clean off bathroom mirror with Windex, wipe down the sink and toilet in your bathroom, pick up toys from outside, and pick up toys in the basement.

You "over-time" opportunity this week will be an hour of pulling weeds in the front lawn.

I asked what you were saving money for and you said, "I don't know, I just like money."

Even as I type this you came up and asked me, "Is losing a tooth a chore? Cause on of my teeth are loose."

There are certain types of "chores" that are required...I refuse to pay you for putting your dirty dishes in the sink, or putting your clothes in the laundry, or putting your shoes away..those are basic activities required in order to live in our house. :) But, I am impressed that you are initiating a working mentality, and I want to reward you and teach you responsibility. Hence the chores for cash campaign that we will embark upon.

Love you my little Donald Trump.

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