Monday, May 2, 2011


You are a little proselytizer. You had a friend over yesterday, and I heard you saying to him, "You should really like the Cubs and not the Cardinals. The Cubs are the best team. So, do you wanna like the Cubs?" And wouldn't you know, much to his parents dismay, the little boy said, "Yes! I think I do like the Cubs now." (Sorry Favrows!)

I hope you carry that same passion to be a witness for Christ. You aren't afraid to march right in to the lion's den. Good for you.


last night we heard a missionary from Nepal speak. At the end, we closed out the service by praying for our community and for lost souls to be at the forefront of our hearts. I prayed over you to be a light in your school and with your friends. After I was finished you said,

"Mom, on Thursday my friend was sad cause he was sitting by himself and I went to sit by him and asked him if I could do anything to cheer him up."

"That is great honey! That is just what Jesus would do. He was always looking for the one who was left out."

"But, my friend said "no, you can't do anything to cheer me up."

"Well, sometimes our friends don't need us to do or say anything. They just need us to be next to them."

I am so happy that you were sensitive. My prayer for you, and for us all really, is that we be aware of the needs around us, and that we be willing to sacrifice whatever necessary in order to see those needs met. Like the missionary said last night, "Christ isn't worried about our convenience. He is concerned about our obedience." I am so proud of you for being obedient to Jesus and for reaching out to that boy. May that become a regular practice in your life.

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