Wednesday, May 4, 2011


You had so much fun at your first T-ball practice. You and I went in the backyard and practiced for a while this morning...just to get you warmed up. When your actual practice began you walked on the field with excitement and confidence, such a difference from soccer in the fall. We threw the ball back and forth a couple of times, and then I invited one of your teammates to be your partner. The coach quickly called your team, the Twins, in and you had batting and fielding practice.

You did great batting and running to first base. Fielding..well, that's a different story. All 13 of you in the field run to get a ball no matter where it is. If you were standing by third base, you'd bee-line for right field if the ball traveled there. There are no positions in T-ball. After you realized it was going to be near impossible to actually field a ball, you decided to entertain those around in hopes of passing the time more quickly. You were jumping on one foot, spinning around, drawing in the dirt, hitting yourself in the head and saying "doi doi doi". Daddy and I were cracking up on the bleachers watching you.

You had fun, but were a little upset that there are 13 fielders and only one ball. I hope you don't lose interest out of boredom. Regardless, I'm so happy we are not having a repeat of soccer season!! Go Twins :)

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