Thursday, May 5, 2011


when you grow up you will always have a million reasons not to be consistent in attending church. You're going to busy. You're going to be tired. You're going to have a conflict in your schedule. But, I hope and pray, that being with God's people, and being in a place where God's word is preached, becomes a priority for your life.

There are times when I don't want to go to church. (I know, can you believe a pastor's wife feels that way? GASP). I'm tired, I've got laundry. I've got bills to write out. I work during the day, so I'd like to relax. I've got a million things I could do with those hours. But even though I don't always want to go, I'm ALWAYS glad I went. It seems that being in the house of God is exactly what my busy and weary soul needs.

In a time and culture when every minute is precious due to the over scheduling of our lives, I do hope to instill in you the practice and habit of making weekly visits to church. When we wee growing up, we went to church Sunday morning for Sunday School, and worship service, Sunday night for evening service, Wednesdays for discipleship family time, and we were also a part of a small group. We literally grew up in church. And I wouldn't trade that for anything.

We will be a church going family...not because we are in the ministry...but because I believe it's essential for our spiritual health.

No matter how busy you get, and no matter how many responsibilites you will have as an adult, you will never regret being consistent and committed to a local body of believers.

You need the commraderie, you need the accountability, you need the word of God to fill your ears, and you need to worship the Lord with other believers.

So when you are reading this in your 20's and starting a career, when you are 30 and busy with a wife and kids, when you are 40 and raising teenagers, when you're 50 and you're tired from working all day, when you're 60 and you're retired, when you're 70 and you're old....GO TO CHURCH. :)

Our friend's dad was a pastor, and he once asked his dad, "Dad, do I have to go to church tody?" His dad said, "No. You don't have to go. You GET to go!."

Love it!

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