Thursday, April 28, 2011


Your teacher has been assigning you "enrichment" work as of late. You need to be more challenged in your academics, because the basic subjects aren't cutting it for you. Here is a story you wrote for "enrichment".

Once, there was some friends named Jack and Zack. They always sat by each other on the bus. They always played with each other on the fun playground. But one day Jack didn't want to sit by Zack on the bus. Then he didn't want to play with Zack. Zack did the same. One week later things changed a lot. I mean a lot. People liked Jack and Zack so much because they were good at math, so everybody copyed them in math and with friends. So now nobody had any friends. It was up to Jack and Zack to save the school to have friends. So then they were friends. Jack and Zack made the whole school be friends! The end.

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