Thursday, April 28, 2011


today we are rejoicing in what seems to be "good" news in regards to Pop Pop's second opinion. The Dr. said that the lesion on the brainstem has shrunk, but they still cannot rule out a glioma completely. Now they are doing more steps to see if the lesion is a result of MS, or Lymphoma. Both of these disease are devastating still, but at least they come with treatment options available. The glioma, had no options. I am praying that the hand of God continues to dissolve this lesion, I am praying for the sale of their home, and I am praying for spiritual stability. Although we are encouraged, we are all still hesitant and afraid. We are at the beginning of a very long and uncertain journey.

But, of course, God is faithful. Regardless.

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Kady said...

I have been praying for your Pop Pop and your family. I am glad there is some good news.

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