Thursday, March 10, 2011

Parker, here is the list that you compiled for your brother. You sat across from him at the kitchen table and read each one to him. Your gesture was returned with the biggest grins that Kent has ever had. His eyes light up at the mention of each of his positive characteristics. The conversation ended with a big brotherly hug, which eventually turned in to a play wrestling match. All is well that ends well.

1) He's funny :)(you put a smiley face after each statement)

2) He likes the Cubs :)

3) He runs fast :)

4) He takes care of Gigi :) (his stuffed blue bunny)

5) He is good at video games :)

6) He eats fast :)

7) He's cool :)

8) He's good at basketball :)

9)He watches me play sports :)

10) He's my best friend :)

11) He is the best one ever :)

****I only required 10 statements, but you said you wanted it to be extra special for Kent, so you made 11 points.

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