Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh Parker. You can be the most loving, giving, and kind person in the world...but sometimes, you have issues with your younger brother. Today you called him a name, and it devastated Kenters, and I overheard it. I immediately grounded you..but I couldn't determine what I grounded you from.

In the car on the way to school, we had a talk about the role of a big brother. It is your responsibility to protect Kent, and care for him. You are supposed to lift him up, and not tear him down. He looks up to you..well, actually, he reveres you. Your words and interactions with him play a big role in his life, and esteem.

You are going to have many friends come and go in your life, but Kent is your first friend. He is the first friend God ever gave you, and he is your most consistent friend. He will be there regardless of where we live, or what we do.

So, when you get home from school, I am going to send you to room and you are going to write down 10 reasons why you love Kent, and you are going to read them to him. You need to undo some of the damage you did this morning. Words are powerful. They cut down, but they can also be used to build up...and that's what you are going to this afternoon.

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KT said...

I really like this idea. Its so original and really helps cement the closeness the boys should have. Thank you for being creative. Though we don't have kids yet I am always looking for creative ideas on discipline. This one is so wise.