Monday, February 28, 2011

(one of your famous "Chandler Bing" smiles.)

Honestly child, I love ya. I can't think of any other way to say it. You split my sides with your antics.

The last few days I've noticed you at different times with different toothbrushes in your hand. I didn't think anything of it (you are Kent afterall, and I figured you were just entertaining yourself). Well, this morning you had several in your hand and you were attempting to put them in your backpack. You told me, "Mrs. Roggow said to bring toothbrushes to school for the poor people." I suggested that she probably meant NEW toothbrushes, but you insisted you could bring used ones. I could not think of any scenarios in which a school would request used toothbrushes, but you were adamant.

When we got to school this morning I spoke with your teacher and she said, "Yes, we did ask the children to bring in toothbrushes for chapel, and we never indicated that needed to be unused. I guess we'll need to clarify that today."

Such a sweet heart you have. Your teacher made a request, and you took it upon yourself to complete the task. So, before Wednesday, I am going to take you to the store and let you pick out NEW toothbrushes to bring to chapel.

Then last evening at dinner, Parker and I were talking about "Responsibility" and what it means-it was part of his homework assignment.

Before bed you were doing a last minute cleanup of the family room downstairs and you found one of Parker's PSP games under the couch. "Parker! You forgot one of your responsibilities down here!", you yelled up to your brother.

So smart. I didn't even know you were listening, or that you could understand what we were talking about at dinner.

I love you monkey.

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