Friday, January 7, 2011

Robot Mommy.

A few weeks ago at dinner, Daddy and I got in a crazy mood, and we were pretending that he turned me in to a robot. I was moving, talking, and acting like a robot. It FAAARREEEEKED you boys out. You did not like it at all. You were both whimpering. Of course, the more reaction we saw you two have, the more it egged us on. The only way to bring me out of the "robot" mode was for you each to give me five kisses on my cheeks.

Periodically throughout these last few weeks, I will slip in to "Robot Mommy" and have some fun with you. I most enjoy the five kisses it takes to bring "Real Mommy" back.

Today we decided to turn Kent into a robot. We're weird, but I love us.

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