Thursday, January 6, 2011

Parker, yesterday we passed a store with a sign in the window that read "Wi-Fi". You asked me what "Wee Fee" means. So funny.

You also came home with a certificate from your principal that was called the "Good Citizen" award. You told me that one boy and one girl from your class was chosen to receive the award because you share and care.

I love you little man, and I am so proud of how you treat others. At night I was telling you about how you are looking more and more like Jesus. That confused you a little bit...I could see the wheels in your mind turning, "Am I going to grow a beard?", "am I going to wear a long robe?". I explained that when Jesus lives inside your heart, you begin to think like him, act like him, and treat others the way He treated others.

I am more proud of this accomplishment than I am of your stellar report card and multi-goal games. This is what lasts.

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