Sunday, January 30, 2011

A quick thought:

I've been reading in 1 and 2 Samuel and those books record the majority of King David's life. Twice in his life, he is forced into hiding for the sake of preserving his own life. The first time, he was the victim of King Saul's jealousy and insecurity. He hides in the wilderness, and he goes in to exile. The second time, he is forced in to hiding in order to seek refuge from his son Absalom who is attempting to overthrow David's reign. The first time he's in exile, he was an innocent victim, put there as a result of someone else's choices. The second time he is in exile, I believe that it is in part because of David's own choices (he had committed a adultery with Bethsheba, he murdered Uriah, and he ignored issues going on with is own children Absalom, Amnon, and Tamar).

Regardless of whether he was in the wilderness because of the choices of others, or as a result of his own choices, he knew how to find a resolution. He called upon the name of Lord. There will be times when you find yourself in a proverbial valley. You will be in the "dumps", you will encounter difficulty, you will encounter obstacles. You may face these trails because someone else's choices, or maybe because you've made poor choices yourself. Either way, the way out of the valley is the same: Call upon the name of the Lord. In his "valley" times, David sought the Lord, took the opportunities to solidify his relationship with the Lord (read the Psalms he wrote), and used the down times of his existence to realign his spiritual life.

Learn from David. No matter how you get in to the wilderness, the way out is the same.

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