Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tonight we were watching "Minute to Win It". We were writing down ideas so that we can play this on Christmas Day. We aren't going to have any kids around on that day..just you two and all the grown ups, so I wanted to do something fun and interesting. So, we tuned in to the show to give us ideas to play the game on the 25th.

Anyways, the contestants were at the $75,000 mark and I asked you boys what you would do with all of that money.

"I would share it with church", was Parker's response.

"I would give it to the poor people", was Kent's response.

After I complimented your thoughts and giving attitudes, I asked the question again, suspecting that I might get a different answer.

Sure enough...I did.

"I would buy all the video games', replied Parker.

"I would buy a DSI" was Kent's new answer.

There..that sounds more like a 6 year old and a 4 year old.

I love you both, and I hope that your good intentions actualize in to every day choices. I am so proud of your hearts.

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