Friday, December 10, 2010


let me start off by saying that I love you. You melt my heart with your antics. Today as I picked you up from school and you were getting in the car, your immediately began saying "I'm sorry Mom. I'm sorry". I looked at your teacher who regretfully had to tell me that you were removed from play practice because you continued to jump off the stage.

I instantly grounded you from 4 Wii days. That means, because we only have Wii days on certain days of the week, you aren't going to be able to play until next Friday. I began to question you about what happened.

"Why did you keep jumping off the stage?"

"I don't know."

"Well, you better come up with a good answer. Why did you keep jumping off the stage?"

"I don't know!!! It wasn't even so much fun."

I literally had to remove myself from the room because my need to laugh was too great.

Then later in the afternoon you and I were on the couch, and you asked me a deep question from your 4 year old inquiring mind.

"Mom. How many tomorrows are there in the world? Like, how may days are there going to be? Like are days going to always be here forever and ever?

"No. Jesus says that days will end sometime. One day Jesus is going to come to earth and take all of his friends up to Heaven to live with him. But you only get to go if you love Jesus and your his friend."

"Well, I love Jesus. I really really love him because he gave me my mom and dad."

Okay, so I am supposed to punish a child who is as mischievious one moment, and then sweet as pie the next?

You are so complicated and unpredictable....and totally and undeniably lovable.

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