Saturday, December 18, 2010

So...last week my boss called and gave me the rest of the month off. Things are slow, and he is just going to try and play catch-up himself. That has left me with more free time than I have had in a while. But, my personality says that I cannot simply just stay home and do nothing. We've cleaned, organized, shopped til we dropped, wrapped, cooked, and spent many many many nights together.

Because I have not been seated at my computer each morning, my blogging has subsided a bit. We have also been very busy celebrating and preparing to celebrate, that I haven't had the ability to sit and record what's been going on.

Just a few highlights in lazy bullet point format:

1) Kent-you always call "nativity" sets, "activities". So, you exclaim, "Look at that activity Mom!".

2)Parker, you have been extra snuggley lately. Two nights ago I went to kiss you goodnight in bed and you told me, "Mom, it's not fair that I have to go to school everyday. I never get a chance to stay home and cuddle with you." I think that you think that when you are at school, Kent and I snuggle for 8 hours on the couch.

3)You both enjoyed shopping for everyone on your list: Me, Daddy, each other, Mimi, Pop Pop, and Grandma Joan. You enjoyed the wrapping even more. We went through more tape for your gifts than I did wrapping all of the rest of the presents we are giving.

4)Kent, you were a shepherd in your school program. You and your friend Ty were supposed to stand by the manger while holding your staff in an upright position. Ty complied. You. Did. Not. You used your staff as a sword, a baton, a wand, and a dancing tool. You were not still for even one second up there. I take that back, you were still when you had put both hands in your pocket and tilted your head back as if to say, "I am waaaaay to cool for this."

5)Parker, you are seriously growing so tall. But, you're a bean pole. When I was in school kids used to call me "Skeletor" was a skeleton like character from a then cartoon called "He-man." Then, your dad was not even 100 lbs when he went in to high school. I'm thinking your are going to have some skinny genes, but you have a big appetite, so I hope your metabolism slows down a bit...tnen your pants will fit you properly.

6) We slept under the tree last night..well, you guys slept under the tree. This morning when you woke up, Parker said, "That was the best night of my life. I got to play games with my family, I got to watch Daddy play Angry Birds, and I got to sleep under the tree." It's the simple things that we need to cherish.

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