Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I had a hard time sleeping last night...I am way too excited. We are celebrating part of our family Christmas after our Candlelight Caroling church service tonight. We are going to come home and have pizza (your favorite) and sparkling cider, and you each are going to hand out your presents underneath your personal trees. We are then going to open up Grandpa Paul's presents that he sent from California, and then you are going to open up three presents from me and Dadd (Santa is bringing the rest to Mimi and Pop Pop's house on Christmas morning).

Parker, you made me something at school, you bought Daddy 2 bags of Skittles, and you bought Kent a Bakugan coloring book and Super Mario Brothers gummy candy. You can't wait to give Kent his gifts.

Kent, you bought Daddy a light up snowman ornament that says "Dad" on it, you bought Parker a basketball hoop (that you conveniently can share with him), and you made me something at school. You woke up extra early this morning in hopes that we'd open up gifts before school.

Grandpa Paul bought you several things, but among them are Star Wars 4, 5, and 6 DVDS. You are going freak out (that's a phrase Kent uses). Then Daddy and I bought Parker a Star Wars back pack, Kent a Mario back pack, and Pikachu ornament each. Then we bought you a full size Foosball table. (shhh..if you read this do not tell the boys! It's a secret until tonight)

I cannot wait until you get to open these gifts this evening after church. I literally could not sleep last night because I am so excited for you to receive gifts that I know you will love. I love giving you gifts. I love blessing you. I love getting to know you, and then giving you things I know you'll love. I don't mind the sacrifice of time or $ that it takes to make these gifts possible. All I want is to see you happy.

It has given me a whole new perspective of our Father God. Just like I get joy from giving you good gifts, so does He! It's His pleasure to bless us. He longs to bless us. Seeing us receive good things, brings Him happiness. What a beautiful picture: God getting excited to bless me. Just because He loves me.

I pictured God on the throne literally giddy the night that He gave us His son Jesus as a baby in a manger. God knew the gift of Jesus would bring us joy, happiness, peace, and ultimately salvation. I'm sure He thought of the sacrifice it required on His part, but because He loved us, I believe he was excited to give us that good gift of His son. THANK YOU God for loving me enough to give me the best gift of all, Your son. THANK YOU Jesus for being obedient and self-less and living your life with me in mind. THANK YOU Holy Spirit for softening my heart, and for bringing me into relationship with You.

"Every good and perfect gift comes from above" James 1:17

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