Friday, December 31, 2010

Good-bye 2010

I orginally started journaling in 2001. I would do a "year review" each New Year's Eve. I did that for several years, and then I fell in love with blogging as a way to document our family's journey.

Here is a quick recap of 2010. We moved. Those two simple words defined the majority of these 365 days. The move was a blessing, and I have continually thought of how God has beautifully orchestrated our circumstances. We have transitioned and are now part of a great church, and we are well adjusted to our new community. Of course being away from our family can sometimes have its sad moments, but all in all, God's grace has been sufficient for us. I am so humbled when I notice how God has taken care of us and how He has stretched because He desires to use us.

Tonight at our "New Year's Celebration" at 9pm (ha ha-you boys are oblivious) I asked you each a few questions. Your cousin Blake was here as well, so we chimed in with his 2.5 year old wisdom when it was his turn.

1) What was the most fun you had in 2010?
Parker-"The awesomest fantastic soccer season and moving to my new town."
Kent-"Tennesee and Six Flags" (which is interesting since we didn't go to Six Flags!)

2) What did God do for you in 2010 that you want to thank Him for?
Parker-"He gave me my best friend Peyton".
Kent-"He gave me my church."

3) What do you want God to do in your life in 2011?
Parker-"I want to make more friends and meet lots of people".
Kent-"I want to have a good Kindergarden"

We had a great night with an indoor picnic hosted by Mimi and Pop Pop, sparkeling cider, horns, hats, beads, and parades (this is beginning to sound a lot like Mardi Gras). We played games, danced, and ate enough sugar to make Buddy The Elf jealous.

In conclusion, as I reflect on this year, I am beyond thankful. This year is going to help me to remember that when I go through periods or seasons of struggles (like 2009), that joy always comes in the morning. Joy always comes because Jesus is always faithful.

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