Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ahhh....Kent, I can't get over you. You are so hilarious.

You were watching TV downstairs and I heard you singing 'It's like Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Ohhhhh" a little Justin Beiber crazy, are we?

Your new favorite thing is "Punky Brewster". I bought one of the seasons on DVD for $1.99 on Black Friday, and that is all you want to do.

Parker, Parker, what can I say? You are a reading machine. You just passed the 300 book mark on your chart at school, and you aren't stopping any time soon. You bring me 10 books at a time, "Here Mom. I read this, mark 'em down." You stay up late reading...Captain Underpants, Spongebob, Junie B Jones, Phineas and Ferb, The Hobbit, your Bible.....are a few of your favorite chapter books. I make sure to ask you questions about each book before I mark it down, just to be sure you are comprehending. You scored in the 96th percentile on your state aptitude test, and you are reading at a 2.8-3.4 grade level....and your actual grade is 1.5. You are crazy good child!

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