Thursday, December 2, 2010


HIS mercy last forever. Psalm 136.

While you are walking with Christ in your relational journey with Him, you will stumble, you will fall, and you will fail. I am not being negative, but realistic. One of the downfalls of many Evangelical church's is that we have inadvertently trained a generation to believe that if you struggle, then you are no longer worthy to be called a child of God.

Please hear me, and hear me clear. Guilt and condemnation for sin and mistakes is exactly what the enemy wants you to feel. The enemy would love for you to believe that you are unworthy of a relationship with Christ because you haven't mastered perfection. But hear this from the Apostle Paul in his letter to the Romans, "There is now NO condemnation for those that are in Christ." If you have asked Jesus to be in charge of your life, you are no longer condemned for your struggles. His blood, although shed once, CONTINUALLY makes us clean. Sin is messy, gross, and destructive. But Jesus can take your sin, cast if away, dust you off, and set your feet back on solid ground.

I have seen many young Christians sin, and then walk away from Jesus completely because they feel as if the chasm between them and Christ is too far to restore. You are never too far gone, His patience never runs out, and His mercy never expires.

How do I know this? One, because the Word of God tells me this. Because I see David, who loved the Lord, sinned, and the Lord restored Him. Jesus desires that none should perish..and that includes you. Two, because I have experienced this mercy. I committed my life to Christ in November of 1994...that is 16 years ago. And I fail daily. I mess up often. I sin. And the Lord continues to pursue me. He continues to send His Holy Spirit to convict me of my sin so that I repent, and so that the mercy of God can be fully active in my life.

You are never too far gone. Nothing can separate you from the love of God. His mercy endures forever. Amen! Now that is a reason to praise Him!!!

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