Tuesday, November 30, 2010

(you were bored the other day so I filled up the kitchen sink with bubbles and you had a grand ole' time)

Kenters, you are a very thoughtful individual. A while back I bought you a bag of "Airheads", as a reward for behaving on a very long day of errand running.

You walked in to the office yesterday and said,"Mom, there are two airheads left. I took the blue one and I left the red one for Parker because that's his favorite color."

You do little things like that all the time for your brother. If I buy you candy at the store while we are out, you always ask, "What about Parker?"

You are a great friend to have in your corner. I am so proud of how you consider others, and I pray that this thoughtful trait grows and matures and takes a root in your heart.

Love you cuddle monkey.

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