Sunday, November 21, 2010

We semi-decorated for Christmas last night. We are decorating in stages this year. We usually wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving, but we will be in Chicago visiting family the few days after the holiday. When we get home from this next weekend, we will go full force for the month of December. I honestly didn't know when we'd have time to decorate, so we decided to do it before we left...much to your dad's dismay.

Here you are Parker with your tree...we may need to buy you a bigger one. Your ornaments are already running out of space to hang.

Here you are Kenters. I had to put up two pics of you because your attempts at smiling crack me up! And, I love how you only decorated 1/4 of the tree.

Then here I am with my new "matchy matchy" or "fru fru" tree. If you throw the ball anywhere near it, your name will be "Mud". (borrowing a line from Rosie)

Next week we will buy a real tree, and and that will be our family tree. It will go upstairs in our living room. I'll post a pic of that finished product accordingly.

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