Friday, November 19, 2010

We are not an animal friendly family. Your dad is grossed out by sharing his living quarters with fur lined animals (dogs or cats), and I am fearful of little creatures. So, together, we have decided that we will never house any living critters...except human children. You boys feel the same way...either because it's your nature, or because we have nurtured you to think like us.

Last week there were two mornings in which a small cat made its way in to our garage when Daddy opened it to leave for work. Both mornings Daddy had to chase the cat out. On the second morning a few hours later, I came in to the kitchen to find this...

Kent, the cat had come to our back door by the deck, and you two were making friends. I could hear you laughing and squealing in absolute delight. It seemed that whichever way you crawled, the cat would follow. Despite what the mat says, this flea infested furball was NOT WELCOMED in near our home. I shooed him away by banging a few pots and pans together.

Fast forward a few hours. Kent you went outside to jump on the trampoline while I made lunch. I peeked out to check on you, and you and THAT DARN CAT were having the time of your life on there. I immediately made you get out of the trampoline and shooed that thing away again.

Fast forward another few hours. Kent you went outside in the front to get out mail. That is your daily chore, and you anticipate the independent walk to and from the house to get the mail. But, right as I was about to let you in the front door, I saw that your pal was at your feet waiting to come in with you. Um..I think not.

THAT DARN CAT followed you. I made you stand outside for a good 10 minutes until because I was paranoid that if I opened the door to let you in, than THAT DARN CAT would jump inside too. I came up with the idea to have you run to the back door to let you in that way. Wouldn't you know, THAT DARN CAT followed you to the back door too! This scenario was so enjoyable for you.

Kent, I was so grossed out that you were near the disgusting homeless feline, but you were having the single greatest day of your life. I haven't heard you laugh so hard and so much in a long time.

Finally, the THAT DARN CAT got the message, and I let you in quickly. By then I was panting so hard because of my exerted effort, and you were panting so hard because I kept making you run from the front of the house to the back, and then from the back to the front, all in order to lose THAT DARN CAT.

*ps...THAT DARN CAT is a movie from the 60's made by Disney. It starred Hayley Mills, and I have watched it several time growing up.


Judith and Lance said...

Ok, this post completely cracks me up and makes me feel a bit sorry for Kent since he seems to be so attached to the animal. He and Bella can get a cat together when they are one :). I enjoyed catching up your posts tonight, you are a great mother!

Bethany Patrice said...

this is the MOST spelling and grammatical errors I have ever had in a blog...but I'm too lazy to go back and correct them.

Just a disclaimer...