Thursday, November 18, 2010


you have a great Dad in Daddy. He loves you so very much. He loves to cuddle with you, and he loves to wrestle with you. He loves loves loves to play video games with you! He kisses you, he gives you a shower everyday, he prays with you, and he loves to sped time with you.

Last night after we got home from church, I quickly got the two of you dressed for bed, and made sure your heads were immediately on your pillows. Kent, you have had the sniffles, and you weren't feeling the best, so you went right to sleep. Parker, you on the other hand, are so worked up from an evening of activity, that it takes you a while to mellow out and finally doze off.

Every night before he goes to bed, Daddy makes a pit stop in your bedroom to kiss you goodnight. Last night, he saw that you Parker, were still awake. I could hear noise coming from down the hall, I came to scold you Parker, because I thought that you had woke your brother up.

Nope. This is what I found when I walked in.

Daddy and you chatting quietly while Kent snoozes below. I was tempted to climb up the ladder and snuggle and talk with you boys, but ultimately I decided that boys need this kind of time with just their dad (and I was kinda afraid that my weight would break the bed and we'd all come crashing down on an unsuspecting Kenters). But before I left, I whispered to Daddy, "Try to find out who Parker thinks is cute in his class". Parker, it turns out that you never answered Daddy. You just giggle when this subject is brought up.

You boys need to know that your Dad ADORES you, and you need to know that He is a source of support, wisdom, and unconditional love in your life. You are blessed.

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