Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I was cleaning out the linen closet this morning, and I came across your blue mickey mouse bath towels. When Parker was first born, our dear friend Donita Torres from Joliet, made him several hooded towels...they were blue with a Mickey Mouse ribbon edging. We have used those towels for 6.5 years for the both of you. As I pulled one out of the closet this morning and held it up, I realized it was too small for you both. It barely covers your hind ends.

I made a quick comment to Daddy about how we were going to get rid of the blue towels, and he moaned sadly.

It seems as if this is an end of an era. You boys have outgrown your towels, and it is hitting your dad and I quite hard. We are not ready for you to grow up, plain and simple.

We love you boys. I wish I wish I wish that we could spend every minute of every day together. I wish I wish I wish I could just hold you both, and cuddle with Daddy on the couch for ever and ever.

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Samantha said...

Isn't this usually a sign that it's time for another?! Hang on to those...just in case. Save them for their kids...just keep them. It's what I will do!