Tuesday, November 23, 2010

(an older picture, but still a goodie)

Kent, last night you looked at me with a deep and sincere gaze and said, "Mom, I am just so asighted (excited) for Christmas. I just can't wait." You always take out the "x" when it's supposed to be in a word, and then you add the "x" to words like "Baxkitball" (basketball). I could just sit and squeeze you all day. I took you with me to the mall yesterday under false pretenses. I told you it would be fun. What I didn't tell you was that it'd be fun for me, but torture for you. On the way out of the mall you said, "Mom, this was not a fun day AT ALL!". You are getting too smart for me.

Parker, you grabbed your guitar a few nights ago and were singing away. Daddy and I were eavesdropping on you and I think he even tried to record a bit. Here are just a few of your original lyrics.

"I don't care who knows.
I don't care who knows.
I love the Lord."

"You are the Lord, Yes J-I-U-E-S, You are!" (I'm hoping you meant Jesus)

"And I'm never going to talk to Say-TEN, Say-TEN, Say-TEN, Say-TEN (Satan).

All of these little tunes were sung in a rock n roll/worship type genre. So you were screaming "I'm never gonna talk to Satan" at the top of your lungs. I had tears rooooling down my checks. I was literally curled up in a fetal position laughing until I couldn't breathe. You are hilarious. But, you are sincere and authentic and that blesses my heart. I turned to Daddy and said, "He is a modern day Psalmist".

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